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Carbon Offsetting and Renewable Energy Certificates.

Reduce the Carbon Emission

What is Carbon Offsetting in Georgia?

Carbon offsetting refers to compensating for greenhouse gas emissions that are difficult to reduce even if efforts are made, by purchasing emissions reductions and absorptions in other places in the form of credits.

Developed countries such as Japan, Europe, and the United States have already introduced efficient equipment, so in order to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, a large amount of money and time will be required for capital investment and work flow review.
Also, even if we reduce CO2 emissions, as long as we continue our corporate activities, we will not be able to completely reduce emissions to zero.

Therefore, for emissions that cannot be reduced even after reducing their own emissions, we provide technical and financial support for CO2 reduction in other places, and quantify and provide the amount of reduction in the form of credits. A mechanism called carbon offset was born, which can be obtained in return for the technology and funds that have been developed.

By utilizing the carbon offset mechanism, companies can provide partial funds and technology to projects in regions where CO2 reduction can be efficiently implemented, such as developing countries, rather than investing on their own. It is highly economically rational, and it will be possible to appeal quantitatively to the outside of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We will not only make up for CO2, but also consider the evaluation of target investors, clients, and target consumer markets, and implement the optimal proposal.

What is Renewable Energy Certification Georgia?

It is a certificate created by the amount of power generated by renewable energy, and it is a system that considers that the same amount of renewable energy power has been procured by purchasing it.

We support the procurement of credits that can cover most of the overseas activity bases of Japanese companies.

There is also a labeling system to differentiate power certificates produced by power plants that have a smaller environmental impact and a greater contribution to climate change countermeasures. We can also provide power certificates labeled with stringent standards such as Green-e and EKOenrgy.

Our Services in Georgia:

We help our clients to procure offset credits from global electronic certificates and carbon reduction projects.

Overseas credits are often cheaper than In country credits, and offset costs can be reduced by using overseas credits when offsetting emissions from overseas activity bases or using them for carbon-neutral products in your country.
We propose the optimal combination of credits from a multifaceted perspective, such as cost, region, contribution to climate change, etc., according to the client's purpose of offsetting.

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