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Trade Finance and Working Capital Solutions

Secure Trading Instruments

We providerpremier trade and project finance instruments. Our team have been in the industry since a decade with expertise to understand your complex trade and financial transactions.

Whether you are an importer, exporter, or contractor, we strive to get you the optimal solution for your business requirement

Our Services in Georgia:

OurTrade Finance expert team will help you to achieve-
  1. Letters of Credit
  2. Standby Letters of Credit
  3. Bank Guarantees
  4. Performance Guarantees
  5. Demand Guarantees
  6. Bid / Tender Bonds
  7. Ready, Willing, Able (RWA)
  8. Comfort Letter (BCL)
  9. Pre-Advice.

Our company provides unsecured financial instrument via the banks to businesses for imports of goods and for raising capital. We trade with own accounts as principals and charge a fee for providing the instruments to clients. We are also known as ACCOUNTSHOLDERS and not brokers.

Our activities do not affect any corresponding Banking credit lines of any bank receiving our instrument, and the receiving banks do not need to have any corresponding credit lines with our issuing banks in order to do a transaction with us. We issue the instruments against our own credit lines as principal ACCOUNT HOLDERS, and all our instruments are cash backed

Our Business Model evolves around the local and international Banks and other financial intuitions. In short, we are collateral providers to the bank’s clients who may not have collateral security to secure their banking facilities. We provide unsecure financial products to support quality banking transactions which might otherwise not completed because of collateral security. We do not compete with the banks; we work with them to conclude transactions which might otherwise not concluded due to collateral security. Over 90% of our transactions are referrals from local banks, micro finance companies, and leasing companies

Our minimum transaction for LC is $250,000 and $500,000 SBLC/BG. Our minimum fee is from 5% of the face value of the transaction. We do not charge annualized fees; we only charge flat fees on the face value of the transactions. We have no maximum transactional value; our maximum depends on the experience of the client in the same business.

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Accurate Global is managed by ISO trained professionals in Georgia. We provide the best ISO consulting, ISO training and ISO certification to companies all over the world, all things being equal, from all fields, everywhere.

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