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Decarbonized Management and Climate Change Countermeasure Consulting

Reduce the Carbon Emission

We make full use of our own overseas network to
formulate globally viable strategies.

When considering the success of global business first, it is not possible to obtain fair evaluations from stakeholders, investors and financial institutions in ESG investment without setting targets and disclosing information according to international standards. In addition, reducing the number of overseas bases requires measures according to the characteristics of each region. 

For this reason, we make full use of the knowledge gained from its own global network to formulate globally viable reduction strategies.

Our Services in Georgia -

TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures was established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), which is composed of central banks of major countries and regions and supervises international finance. Disclosures”. In June 2017, this task force published a report recommending disclosure of the impact of climate-related information in corporate financial reporting. The content of this report, also known as the TCFD Recommendations, stipulates the items that companies should disclose and the framework for information disclosure. Information disclosure in line with the TCFD recommendations has begun to be incorporated into global corporate evaluations and investment decision-making frameworks, and is becoming increasingly important as a tool for dialogue between companies and investors.


CDP is a non-governmental organization (NGO) headquartered in the United Kingdom that collects and analyzes information on corporate environmental activities and releases it to investors. When it was first launched in 2000, it was an abbreviation for the Carbon Disclosure Project, a project that encouraged companies to disclose information on their carbon dioxide emissions. The name was changed to "CDP" without limiting to CDP sends out questionnaires to major global companies and evaluates them according to the content of their answers, starting with the highest rank of A-, A-, B-, B-, C, C-, D, and D-, with no answer being F. It shows. This ranking is used as an investment decision mainly by institutional investors in each country

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Accurate Global is managed by ISO trained professionals in Georgia. We provide the best ISO consulting, ISO training and ISO certification to companies all over the world, all things being equal, from all fields, everywhere.

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