Manufacturing is a big business activity as it involves men and machines. Also, it is the start of a supply chain leading to the end consumers. The supply chain involves manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and consumers. But the responsibility for the quality lies only on manufacturers. It is for this reason that manufacturers are advised to apply for ISO 22716 certification for good manufacturing practice.

What are good manufacturing practices?

ISO has released a set of practices for manufacturers under the code name of ISO 22716. The international organization wants all business organizations to follow these practices. Following ISO 22716 standards has several benefits that attract manufacturers to implement these standards in their business practices. Here in this blog, we will discuss the advantages of ISO 22716 standards.

1. Regulatory compliance

Manufacturers often face the music for flouting established norms. They don’t do it intentionally but they can’t prevent rules from flouting attracting the attention of authorities and penalties. Having ISO 22716 certification for good manufacturing practice can save manufacturers from the hassle associated with frequent audits and penalties. The certification will prove their compliance with all regulatory requirements.

2. High product quality

Product quality is the biggest concern of manufacturers and they try their best to improve the quality of their products. But little do they know that they need to achieve a level of international quality only then they will be able to send their products to global markets. Also, quality is a big concern with regulatory requirements. ISO standards can help boost your product quality.

3. Increased operational efficiency

Manufacturers invest huge sums on machines and employees but they need expert help to increase their operational efficiency. They need a system to fix accountabilities and encourage employees to do well. They need good manufacturing practices that only ISO can suggest. Also, there is little need to worry about applying for ISO certification. You can approach leading ISO trained professionals in Georgia for help.

4. Enhance customer confidence

Good manufacturing practices will boost client confidence. Your customers will rely on your products. Your ISO certification will convince them of the good manufacturing practices of your business and give them a reason to trust your brand and products.  

5. Prevent wastage

Preventing wastage of raw materials is one of the biggest advantages of ISO 22716 certification for good manufacturing practice. Lots of raw material goes to waste resulting in loss of profit. However, it can be prevented by implementing good manufacturing practices.